Emma Schonenberg


Born and raised in El Salvador, Emma was creative at an early age. She learned to love crafts thanks to her mother and at 5 years of age, started painting at her mom?s ceramic shop. She also remembers enjoying her art class at the American School in El Salvador where she attended. She majored in Graphic Design. Before receiving her degree, she started pursuing a design career with advertising and apparel companies. She worked for 6 years as head of product development for a large candle manufacturer. Her unique and trend driven designer collections were distributed through major retail chains in both the United States and Europe. She currently works with an Export Promotion Program helping small and medium sized enterprises export their products internationally through focused design. In her spare time, Emma pursues her love for oil painting and photography. She is fascinated by human expressions, therefore, her work focuses mainly on facial portraits. She also believes in the healing power of animals and volunteers, along with the rest of the family (human and canine), at a rehab center for children with special needs where the kids receive dog assisted therapy. Emma discovered scrapbooking about 3 years ago. She fell in love with the limitless creativity of the hobby and knew in her heart she had to design for this audience. Her love of family and friends motivates her to create fresh and colorful designs for use in the scrapbook industry.

Most Recent Designs