Krista Sahlin


Hello, My name is Krista Sahlin a 32yr old, digital scrapbook designer and avid memory keeper, wife of 11 years, and a mother of two rambunctious kiddos.    And, I know this?. I love my family, I love my friends, I must make, I love to create and need to create, I must be challenged, I must eat chocolate, I have more ideas than I can handle.  What else is there?  OK ? I guess there is a bit more.  I am an at-home mama of two amazing kiddos.  They come first.  When they are content, I am busy trying to harness my frantic creative energy into something meaningful.  Creativity has been a lifelong passion and it allows me to do both, document our lives and give a little food for the soul.  I started designing in February of 2009 and have been on this fantastic ride ever since.    I am so honored to be here and look forward to ?seeing? you around.

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