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son fingerpaints guilty


My DS -- Mommy went to book group and daddy kept calling her. Finally, she answered assuming it was an emergency, and daddy told her to come home and help him clean something up. Daddy had put Keaton & Cambry to bed, and went in to check on them when he saw their light on. He opened the door, and this was the sight he saw! He was so angry - mommy came home and daddy told her that he took pictures. Mommy and daddy were cleaning the carpet for about an hour to get it all clean. Keaton had gotten sneaky and found the finger paints, opened them, and got them all over his bed, Cambry's bed, the floor, the dressers, him, the walls, and his sheets. It's so funny what mischiveous things kids will do - All mommy could do was laugh! Date Stamp: must keep a closer watch on you


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emilyrice, at 05:29AM on Saturday December 08, 2007
I love the "Guilty" and creativity. He does look guilty! I love capturing moments like this because these messes are the easy ones to clean up, relatively.....;)
thines, at 05:43AM on Monday December 10, 2007
Great LO! It's so true they get into about anything they can when least expected! moments like these are precious, but at the time not so fun!! Love it.
Lynn Grieveson, at 01:35PM on Wednesday December 12, 2007
Oh gosh! Great that you captured it in photos! Love the "guilty" title!