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It is so much fun taking pictures of your grandchildren


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audosborne, at 03:06PM on Sunday December 16, 2007
These are precious..I like the way you put the little butterflies in the corner. and you always pick the perfect font. I spend more time looking for the right font than I do constructing the page. How old are the twins now? Will you get see them at Christmas? Great JOB!!!!
BeachScraper, at 03:21PM on Sunday December 16, 2007
They were 6 months yesterday...the time goes by so quickly. We will not be seeing them over the holidays, but we are so excited, they have a trip planned to vist this summer. The babies will be one, and I am really looking forward to introducing them to the beach!!! Thanks for looking.
Lynn Grieveson, at 07:50PM on Wednesday December 19, 2007
So sweet. I expect you'll get lots more photos over the holidays!
lindanb, at 06:53AM on Friday December 21, 2007
I truly enjoyed these. Sometimes it nice to be creative in black and white and this is amazing. I love them both.