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boy zoo duck baby


I created this kit using Photoshop. I designed everything. My son loves ducks, and since he has no volume control at all, he just screamed "DUCK!" It was pretty funny... even if it was loud!


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audosborne, at 11:09AM on Friday January 18, 2008
Very cute!! I've been trying to learn how to use photoshop without much success.
kimberhere, at 02:28PM on Friday January 18, 2008
Your page is wonderful. It is a great example of a page that can be rather simple without having to be cluttered and still be great.
veromica, at 04:08AM on Tuesday January 22, 2008
I love it! Simple but very cute! How did you use photoshop? Did you make different embellishments on photoshop and then create it using the Memory Mixer?
brooklyn1416, at 05:21PM on Tuesday January 22, 2008
Yes, I have been designing my own embellishments, and paper, for about 5 months now. My husband had to buy the program for school, and I get much more use out of it. You just input your designs into the elements folders (under memory mixer in program files) and voila!