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Paige the Pirate

Halloween jesse77 pirate black red


My DD on Halloween, she has been a princess the last three years prior to this, so I was really surprised when she decided she wanted to be a pirate! Kit used- Arr Matey by Maria LaFrance from Digital freebies. Thanks for looking


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audosborne, at 05:42AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Also fantastic!! I will probably have to buy that kit. Isn't that bg paper the prettiest color!! Great work as ususal. What's the temp in MIN today?
Jesse77, at 05:48AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Thank you Ruth. This kit is huge, I mean really HUGE! It has so many cute things I had a hard time chossing what to use LOL!!!! Right now it is -8, a lot warmer then yesterday!
JENNA, at 10:37AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Another great photo of Paige... and the LO is very nice and goes great w/ the costume.