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jesse77 pirates dog red black tan halloween


My DD and our puppy Jewels on Halloween. Paige talked my Mom into buying a Halloween costume for Jewels so they could be "twins" Ha, They looked vary cute together. Used Arr Matey by Maria La France. thanks!


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audosborne, at 05:40AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
OK now, did you dress her to match the paper or did you get the paper to match her?:) This is really fantastic!! Love those rich colors and all the cute elements. GREATLO!!!
Jesse77, at 05:50AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
LOL!!!!!!!!!! I actually bought the kit after Halloween:) Thank you for your sweet comments :)
JENNA, at 10:36AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
I love everything about this. Paige is a beautiful pirate... and Jewels looks great also - and is being very cooperative for the photo. What a great memory!
audosborne, at 01:03PM on Sunday January 20, 2008
I just went back and looked at this again and the expression on the dog's face is a riot!! LOL!! Got the kit ..thought it was never going to download but it finally did.
Jesse77, at 04:40PM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Thanks Jenna, jewels, actually was being much more cooperative than Paige that day. ......Ruth-...Jewels has a BIG personality and has the funniest facial expressions, I have ever seen on a dog.She is a hoot! Glad you got the kit Ruth, Isn't it HUGE!!! I love it :)
kimberlystarkie, at 01:55PM on Sunday May 04, 2008
This is one of my favorite pages in the gallery. It just makes me smile. Great job. I have been wanting to do a pirate page for my 5 year old son who had a pirate theme for his birthday but have not been able to find the kit. Where did you purchase it? Thanks!!!
Jesse77, at 07:42AM on Wednesday May 07, 2008
thank you! I bought it at http://www.digitalfreebies.com The kit is called Arr Matey by Maria La France.