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Excellence Riviera Cancun


This was our first All Inclusive Resort vacation, both my husband & I say we would go back anytime...


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audosborne, at 05:31PM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Oh, WOW! I'd like to frame this one and hang it my wall. Maybe it would get me through February:) I absolutely love it. I'm going to look at every day until spring!! I especially like the lovely shot of the pelican; my guardianl angel. Thanks for sharing this LO.
BeachScraper, at 05:35PM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Thank You, Ruth
JENNA, at 04:36AM on Monday January 21, 2008
This is beautiful!!!
Jesse77, at 05:16AM on Monday January 21, 2008
I am going to do what Ruth said and look at this every day until my cruise! This is stunning....I love the picture of the palm tree.What a great job :)