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girl jesse77 pink brown flowers


my DD, back in November. All items from Michelle Coleman's Girl Power and you glow. thanks for looking:)


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JMurdoch, at 07:09AM on Wednesday January 23, 2008
I love love love this LO! Pink and brown are my favorite!! Very nice!
JENNA, at 07:51AM on Wednesday January 23, 2008
Ohhhh Jesse - I love this LO. Such a sweet smile and great colors - so cute. are you keeping warm? It's chilly here and raining. I am so ready for spring/summer so, I know you are. Hope all is well your way and hope you are feeling better.
Jesse77, at 10:09AM on Wednesday January 23, 2008
Thanks a bunch ladies :) Jenna-we are having a "heat wave" here, it actually got up to -2 today...yay! I am feeling 100% better, thank you for asking.Have you picked out your paint? Haven't seen any layouts from you in awhile, you must be busy. Thank you again for your nice comments!
audosborne, at 01:03PM on Wednesday January 23, 2008
I love the pink and brown also. Beautiful lo!! Aren't we glad we have MM to help us pass these gray winter days:)
Jesse77, at 08:50AM on Thursday January 24, 2008
thank you Ruth, I have to say that if I didn't have MM, I think I would have lost my mind along time ago! HA!