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A picture of my parents,my daughter and myself during a trip to Disney World.


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audosborne, at 02:33PM on Friday February 08, 2008
This page is so pretty..I've studied it and studied it and still haven't figured out how you did it. Nice job!
BeachScraper, at 09:19AM on Saturday February 09, 2008
Ruth...I used a brown/tan background and just then used the "pink flower" from Lasting Impressions/Sassy Squares and laid it over the background, enlarging it a bit; then layered with the picture & title. The flower has all that scribbly stuff on already. Play around with it if you have that embellishment, Good Luck
audosborne, at 12:15PM on Saturday February 09, 2008
OK! Thanks! That makes sense now. I'll try it.