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Pictures of DD and my Grandmother who is 89, she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 4 years ago, and has really slipped over the last 3 months, She has her good days and bad days. But according to my Mom the days lately have mostly been hard for her (bad days). I am afraid that this was the last time she will make the trip from Arizona out to see us. So these pictures are special to us. I used The Elizabeth kit - designed by and Saskia Bokkers, which I just realized, I hadn't really looked at the name of the kit, but my Grandmothers name is Elizabeth and Paige's middle name is Elizabeth after my Grandmother. :)


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audosborne, at 02:38PM on Saturday February 09, 2008
Another great LO!! I love the way you placed the staples and the flowers at the top and bottem of the page and the colors are lovely. My mother-in-law had Alzheimers so I know what your mother is going through. It's though..Paige must have been such a comfort to your grandmother.
Jesse77, at 04:31AM on Sunday February 10, 2008
Thank you Ruth, it's been hard on our whole family. She adores Paige, and still talks about her daily.I try and talk to her on the phone a couple times a week. I fear that soon she won't remeber us. We miss the person she use to be....thank you again :)
JENNA, at 05:18AM on Thursday February 14, 2008
Great photos and a wonderful LO Jesse... My Godfather has Alzheimers @ 60 years old...It's really sad... I am so glad that you capture such wonderful memories!