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Holding Up the Tower

tower me blue green beige


I ran across on of my favorite photos from Italy..at the Leaning Tower. I used a kit called Travel the World by Kanga from Plain Digital Wrapper.


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Jesse77, at 06:12AM on Sunday February 24, 2008
Oh Ruth, I want to go to Italy soo bad, and I want to have a picture taken just like this with the leaning tower :) this if fabulous! I love your fonts, they look great. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
audosborne, at 12:21PM on Sunday February 24, 2008
Thanks Jesse. I wanted to go to Italy all my life and finally got there when my daughter was teaching in Rome. You'll get there!
Jesse77, at 05:42AM on Wednesday February 27, 2008
thanks Ruth, I am hoping for our ten year anniversary, we can plan a trip. I keep droping "hints" to my husband so we will see, if he gets them or if i just have to do it myself HA!!! LOL!