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I'm making this album for my friend whose dog (Cletus) died recently...I used MM2 stuff plus several kits/embellishments from Sweet Shoppe ("Bubblelicious" by Z. Pearn and C.Lyle, "Are we there yet" by H. Roselli, "Stick it to me" by Z. Pearn and "Just Plane Cute" by L. Deacetis )


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marjohn, at 06:26PM on Tuesday March 11, 2008
What WONDERFUL love went into this project! I LOVE to "see" when someone really puts their heart into making memories for someone else! AWESOME!!
alliesun98, at 05:36AM on Wednesday March 12, 2008
thank you :)
Jesse77, at 08:52AM on Thursday March 13, 2008
Love this!
audosborne, at 04:17PM on Thursday March 13, 2008
This is a wonderful album. I can tell by the photos Cletus had great personality and you captured it perfectly. They must miss him terribly. Great Job!!
alliesun98, at 10:28PM on Thursday March 13, 2008
Thanks guys :) She's supposed to be sending me puppy pictures soon...so I'll have a few more pages to add from the puppy days...hopefully I can do him justice!!
heidiann, at 07:01AM on Sunday March 23, 2008
Great job!! Love it!