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It was a beautiful day. Kameron helped me while I worked in the flower beds. She decided to take a break & read. Shabby Princess kit - Promise.


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Jesse77, at 04:08PM on Saturday March 22, 2008
Hi Jenna, this looks great, I love the kit, and your "green" grass,looks wonderful, to me! it snowed again all day yesterday, so our "brown" grass is gone again :)
JENNA, at 05:09PM on Saturday March 22, 2008
Hang in there Jesse... It won't be long and you'll have green grass too!
BeachScraper, at 03:56PM on Sunday March 23, 2008
I love the simplicity of this LO. Great LO. Where do you live, your grass does look good, looks like you just put down mulch, such fun, isn't it...we just funised 72 bags of mulch this past weekend.
JENNA, at 05:33PM on Sunday March 23, 2008
Thank you! We live in Louisiana..... and you are right. I've been putting down mulch for 3 days now... 15 bags the 1st day, 70 bags the 2nd day, and 25 bags this afternoon. I still have over 100 more bags to put. Alot of fun. ha. Putting it down is ok - it's picking up those big bags is what gets the best of me.
audosborne, at 12:31PM on Tuesday March 25, 2008
Hi Jenna. This is a very pretty LO. I have this kit but haven't used it yet. I Love what you did with the lettering. Your flowers look great but boy that is a LOT OF MULCH!
JENNA, at 05:39PM on Tuesday March 25, 2008
Hi Ruth. Great to hear from you and thank you... Yes, that is alot of mulch. I put out 36 bags this evening so, now I am up to 146 bags. It looks alot better but, I'll sure be glad when I am finish. Russell is in Canada and is anxious to see how it looks being everything looked dead while he was here. So, I may do another LO in the next day or so once I can take pictures. Have a great evening.
BeachScraper, at 05:53PM on Tuesday March 25, 2008
Your flowers do look pretty...are those Azaleas?
JENNA, at 06:18AM on Wednesday March 26, 2008
Yes, they are... thank you.