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You Glow* 2page layout

girl love brown flowers jesse77


My sweet DD, these are still all from January. She actually cooperated with me while taking pictures this time (which is a rare thing lately)...so I ended up with a bunch that I really liked :) Kit used, cherished and cherished add-on from weeds and wildflowers. thanks for looking


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BeachScraper, at 03:34PM on Thursday April 17, 2008
Nice LO...she has so much personality, She makes you smile..I like the way you divided up the journaling.
audosborne, at 03:50PM on Friday April 18, 2008
Beautiful LO and the pictures are great. I was just looking at the Weed and wilflower website this morning. They have some nice things.
JENNA, at 06:09PM on Friday April 18, 2008
Hi Jesse. I really really like both of these... you did such a great job w/ the LO and the pictures... I love it !!!!
Jesse77, at 04:59AM on Saturday April 19, 2008
Thank you ladies, I had fun doing these layouts.