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Just a quick layout I did...my DD loves everything high school musical, so she "had" to have these HSM jammies. I used Jennifer Pebbles, Oct. Orange kit and back 2 school by By Shannon Freeman. Both freebies from two peas website..The Font is Budmo Jiggler. have a great night.


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audosborne, at 03:46PM on Friday April 18, 2008
Very pretty LO. She looks like a star to ME!! Hi Jesse. How was your cruise. Hope you had a great time and welcome home.
BeachScraper, at 03:55PM on Friday April 18, 2008
Nice LO. Looking forward to your cruise pictures. Ditto...to great time and welcome home
Jesse77, at 04:52AM on Saturday April 19, 2008
Thank you ladies :) We had a WONDERFUL time on the cruise, it felt so good to be in warm weather! i am going to start working on my cruise photos soon (while everything is still freash in my mind) I can't wait to share them with you guys. Thanks again for the nice comments. Hope you both are doing well!
JENNA, at 07:40AM on Tuesday April 22, 2008
Great LO Jesse. Of course Paige always does a great job posing for you. I hope all is well your way. I emailed you!
Jesse77, at 11:51AM on Wednesday April 23, 2008
thank you Jenna! I emailed you back!!!!