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girl blanket Jenna


Kameron has been attached to this blanket since she was little. I always wanted Andrew to be attached to something but, he never was. Now that the "Ah-wa' is falling apart I don't what we will do about it !!!


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audosborne, at 12:27PM on Saturday April 26, 2008
Love this beautiful LO. My daughter had her blankie until she started to school. I still have the remnants somewhere. Great memory.
[email protected], at 02:12PM on Sunday April 27, 2008
How sweet!
BeachScraper, at 03:07PM on Sunday April 27, 2008
JENNA, at 05:40AM on Tuesday April 29, 2008
Thank you everyone. This is such a great memory. I don't know what we are going to do when the "Ah-Wa" falls apart.
Jesse77, at 07:44AM on Wednesday April 30, 2008
Beautiful layout, this is priceless! Paige has a blanket that she calls "ni-night" She still has it, and it is falling apart, it is now in two pieces. She doesn't take it to school, but it is the first thing she grabs when she gets home, and still sleeps with it everynight. It use to be pink and really fluffy, now...it looks gray and ratty, fresh out of the washer! It's horrible!!!! Great idea, I will have to do a LO, like this of Paige and her "ni-night" Great job!!!!
Jesse77, at 07:44AM on Wednesday April 30, 2008
what kit did you use? I really like it :)
JENNA, at 06:42AM on Thursday May 01, 2008
Hi Jesse. The kit is from Designer Digitals - Mindy Terasawa's "It's a girl thing." Thank you!!!!