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My daughter loves her dog so I decided to make a small scrapbook for her. This is the first time I have tried digital scrapbooking. I love it but I am not real good at it yet.


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MsMerry, at 05:48AM on Tuesday June 12, 2007
Too cute....
tdillard, at 06:27PM on Thursday June 14, 2007
I just received my software today and am looking forward to creating digital scrapbooks. This all about Britney scrapbook is really cute.
NursegreeneyesRN, at 11:01AM on Monday June 18, 2007
Not good at it yet?? KittenKaren, I think you are talented! Very cute, cute pages! Brittney is such a cutie pie!!
palano2, at 04:29PM on Monday June 18, 2007
I agree, you are talented. Love your pages.
annirana, at 06:12PM on Friday June 29, 2007
Ditto! Keep up the good work! You'll only get better from here!
kittenkaren, at 08:04PM on Friday June 29, 2007
Thanks so much!
mariahd50, at 12:53PM on Tuesday August 21, 2007
You did a really good job on making that. I loved it! Its super cute.