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It's hard to believe that my first born is already 10 years old and going to the 5th grade. He has done great... and we are so proud of him.


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marjohn, at 02:39AM on Friday May 23, 2008
As you can probably tell by my layouts, I LOVE the large photos as a background! This is EXCEPTIONAL!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
JENNA, at 05:30AM on Friday May 23, 2008
Thank you for your comment !!! I love close-up photos esp. of my kids. ... and also using them as the back ground. But, I am really plain so, sometimes I don't know what to do.. ha.
BeachScraper, at 11:20AM on Saturday May 24, 2008
Great job, less is more sometimes, this is a great example .
Jesse77, at 12:20PM on Saturday May 24, 2008
this is awesome, he has the most beautiful blue eyes.... I think you should frame this, its just perfect, great job Jenna!!!!!
audosborne, at 04:43PM on Saturday May 24, 2008
This really is awesome Jenna..he is so handsome and that picture really does show how beautiful his eyes are. They grow up soooooo fast don't they.
JENNA, at 03:07AM on Sunday May 25, 2008
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. I want to frame a 5x7 for Andrew - I also want to frame a 16 x 20 of just the photo for myself. He steals my heart... I cannot believe that he is growing up soooo fast. Maybe one day I will get organized enough to do a photo book. Have a great weekend everyone !