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marjohn dance


I HAD to do one more page before bed!


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JENNA, at 04:25AM on Saturday May 31, 2008
marjohn, at 10:29AM on Saturday May 31, 2008
Thank you Jenna!
Jesse77, at 12:12PM on Saturday May 31, 2008
This is ADORABLE...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! She looks so cute, love the costume :) I agree with Jenna, great colors, I have a ton of dance pictures to do too!
audosborne, at 06:34PM on Saturday May 31, 2008
Great LO!!! The pictures are fantastic and I love the poem. Hey Marjohn you're seriously addicted to MM when you have to get in one more LO before bedtime. I call it my "nightcap":)
marjohn, at 07:03PM on Saturday May 31, 2008
Thank you!! Okay, I have to "fess up"... In the past two weeks, I've done 34 pages... I won't post them all because I don't want to be a "hog"!! So, in response to being addicted--I'm GUILTY!!
BeachScraper, at 04:25PM on Sunday June 01, 2008
:-) Right before bedtime is my favorite time to scrap, then b4 I know it...it is really late!! It is so addicting.
audosborne, at 08:57AM on Monday June 02, 2008
The minutes have a way of turning in to hours. Which reminds me, I need to clean house now:)
Jesse77, at 03:54PM on Monday June 02, 2008
I am right there with you all! Marjohn...you should post all of those LO's, we would all love to see them, we love your work! keeps showing us!!!!! :) :) :)
marjohn, at 04:00PM on Monday June 02, 2008
Thanks so much Jesse! I'll get more posted... I've been working on the book for my mom... just bought a Bamboo pen and am trying to train it (or rather, train myself)!! I'll let you know how that comes along! Does anyone ever use any of the digital scrapbook chat rooms (ie, digishoptalk.com)??
Lesa Hyer, at 05:22PM on Friday June 27, 2008
so cute i love it so much!!!!!!!!! do you care if i kind of copy you? i have a daughter that is on drill team and she would love it
marjohn, at 04:18PM on Tuesday July 01, 2008
Lesa--Feel free to "scraplift" anything you'd like!! Glad I can do something inspiring!!
Lesa Hyer, at 07:18AM on Thursday July 03, 2008
Thank you so much did you make it out of scrap? because its so cute! since you are a really good at this will you check mine out and tell me if they are good thank you if you have time you can Randie Lesa's Daughter