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Bluebonnet Delight

marjohn daughter bluebonnets flowers spring


I took these last year...


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BeachScraper, at 03:17AM on Wednesday June 04, 2008
The pictures are beautiful!!!
Jesse77, at 05:36AM on Wednesday June 04, 2008
Oh my these pictures are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Love the simplicty of the layout it really allows the pictures to shine...great -great Job! thank you for the info about your camera and software. I have been looking into buying SLR- I want something that is easy to use, but I can grow into, and that will fit in my purse, nothing too huge :)
Jesse77, at 05:46AM on Wednesday June 04, 2008
Re: " Does anyone ever use any of the digital scrapbook chat rooms (ie, digishoptalk.com)?? " Not that I know of, But we definitly should! We keep asking M-mixer to add a chat/or disscusiion forum to this sight, but doesn't look like they are going to! Ha! So maybe we should get a group togther at digishop talk, I think that would be great fun!!!
audosborne, at 03:48PM on Wednesday June 04, 2008
Wow!! these pictures are fantastic and the blue background compliments them perfectly.
marjohn, at 04:00AM on Saturday June 07, 2008
Thanks a million! Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here and give my email address for anyone that might be interested in starting some kind of chat room or ICQ or something---of course, remove the words and replace with the actual symbols: "therineys-at-hotmail-dot-com". Contact me and we'll see if we can't get together something at digishop talk or somewhere else!