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Here are a few more shots from the zoo...


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audosborne, at 06:22PM on Thursday June 12, 2008
Incredible photographs!! Thanks for sharing!!
bevind, at 07:39PM on Friday June 13, 2008
I was just at the San DIego zoo and had the hardest time with photos of the snakes behind the glass. Yours are great! Any photo tips?
marjohn, at 01:25AM on Saturday June 14, 2008
Thanks!! As for shooting through glass, a few things that might help: 1) Depending on the camera/flash you have, put your lens directly ON the glass. You won't get flash back and you won't get reflections. However, this does make it hard to shoot because you can't shoot at angle. 2) If you don't want to get on the glass, then shoot at a diagonal angle. If you have a movable flash, point it up at a 45 degree angle; if not, try putting your finger partially in front of the flash to divert the light... this takes practice!!! Good luck!!
bevind, at 08:39PM on Monday June 16, 2008
Great tip! I would not have thought to put the camera right up to the glass with the flash on. I will try this when we visit next! Thanks!!
marjohn, at 12:38PM on Monday June 23, 2008
Let me know how it goes!!