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Here is a two-page spread of my daugher & my niece... As you can tell, I'm learning how to extract parts and am really playing with that feature!!-----------Another couple of resubs.... I've changed the titles... thoughts???????


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bevind, at 08:52PM on Monday June 16, 2008
This looks really great! The font with the gradient gives it a really slick look and is so interesting with all the droplets. What is the name of it? Super Fun!!
audosborne, at 05:01AM on Tuesday June 17, 2008
VEEERY NICE!!! You're doing a great job with the extraction..it's a time consuming project and it takes a steady hand. I also really love that font.
BeachScraper, at 02:33PM on Tuesday June 17, 2008
You have done a great job on this page. Very Nice!!!
Jesse77, at 05:46AM on Monday June 23, 2008
these are the coolest! I have got to learn how to do this! I have really been enjoying your pages, you are very inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)
marjohn, at 12:35PM on Monday June 23, 2008
Thanks so much for all of the wonderful compliments! The font is called "shower" and I cannot remember where I found it... :-(
RABIDFOX, at 07:19PM on Monday August 04, 2008
Fresh, young feel. Your design works nicely with the subject of the page. LOVE it!