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pink boy Valentine school


Who says that boys can't wear pink? This LO is from a school party. Credit for the free downloaded background and embellishments go to Creating Keepsakes magazine. I appreciate that Memory Mixer allows the user to do just that....and mix all resources. I absolutely love being able to size embellishments in more than one way to fill space on pages. Using the shadow tool is awesome for creasting depth.


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audosborne, at 03:26PM on Tuesday June 24, 2008
Very striking LO. Nice Job!!
kumbay, at 03:50AM on Wednesday June 25, 2008
This was one of the first 10 LO's that I created digitally. I'm glad you like it!
kavetta, at 08:37PM on Sunday June 29, 2008
I have a question for you. When you say that you like MM because it lets you use other brands and mix resources, do you just use MM or do you have something else like photoshop? I tried to download other free digital items and can't figure out how to get them on MM. Thanks! Kavetta
Jesse77, at 05:49AM on Monday July 07, 2008
Hi Kavetta! You add the other digital items in as a photo...