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Photos from the Rhododendren Festival at Roan Mtn. State Park in NC. I used some of the pictures to make all of the backgrounds. The Wordart is from Beth Harty at Elegant Wordart.


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kumbay, at 03:58AM on Wednesday June 25, 2008
I love the way the three vertical photos seem to float above the LO. Nicely done :)
JENNA, at 06:43AM on Thursday June 26, 2008
Oh Ruth... I love this... I love the way it floats also... I hope you are doing well.
audosborne, at 05:05PM on Friday June 27, 2008
Thanks for looking ladies!
Jesse77, at 03:29AM on Sunday June 29, 2008
Wow, these are gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE the floating photos, with the pictures as backgrounds. How are you Ruth?
audosborne, at 02:08PM on Monday June 30, 2008
Hi, Jesse, thanks for looking. I'm fine, how about YOU?
marjohn, at 06:26PM on Monday June 30, 2008
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these!!!!!!!!! Awesome shots!!!!!!!! Awesome LO's!!!!!!!!!
Jesse77, at 01:36PM on Tuesday July 01, 2008
I am good, I have been enjoying summer and the great weather we have been having. Wish it was like this year round here! HA!
RABIDFOX, at 07:11PM on Monday August 04, 2008
Nice use of the 3 column images & typography. I can see this being used by the Natl' Parks service as a poster or brochure. :)
moe4den, at 05:12PM on Wednesday June 10, 2009
Beautiful pages!
michelledickson1, at 03:00AM on Tuesday February 02, 2010
These pages are absolutely beautiful!