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marjohn daughter pool water swim swimming summer


I caught her "chillin'" in the "kiddie-pool"!!!!!!!


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Jesse77, at 01:38PM on Tuesday July 01, 2008
oh gosh this is so cute, I love what you did with your DD's photo, just too cute for words!
marjohn, at 04:20PM on Tuesday July 01, 2008
Wow! Thanks... She was just the perfect "bathing beauty"!!
JENNA, at 03:25AM on Wednesday July 02, 2008
I love everything about this.. just perfect.
marjohn, at 12:38PM on Sunday July 06, 2008
Thanks--I can't wait to get the printed copy... should be here by Tuesday. I'll let you know if it doesn't look as good in print!
rmarch, at 03:44AM on Tuesday July 08, 2008
How did you do that with the photo? Did you use Photo Shop or Memory Mixer? It's adorable, but I not smart enough to use Photo Shop. That's why I like Memory Mixer. Very Cute!
marjohn, at 05:50PM on Tuesday July 15, 2008
I used photshop to extract the photo... There are plenty of You Tube tutorials out there on photoshop... but it does not replace the user-friendliness of Memory Mixer!!
RABIDFOX, at 03:08PM on Wednesday August 13, 2008
This page reminds me of "Blues Clues". Very cute!!