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The top ten things we love about our daughter


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palano2, at 06:19PM on Friday June 22, 2007
I really like this page.
scrapmommy, at 11:06AM on Tuesday June 26, 2007
Thank you. This was my first digital page.
usrcam, at 12:58PM on Thursday June 28, 2007
Very, very cute page - One question..when you print these images what size paper are you using and is is photo paper or cardstock. I'm having issues with the sizing.
annirana, at 06:16PM on Friday June 29, 2007
WOW! If this is your 1st page! I can only imagine... I just loved "happy boy"
scrapmommy, at 08:55AM on Thursday July 12, 2007
All but the "happy boy" are set in an even dimension, like 6x6 or 12x12. I can only print up to an 8x8 right now, but I am going to ask Santa for the Epson that can do a 12x12 page. The "happy boy" page is 8.5 x 11. I use both photo paper and cardstock, it just depends on the effect I am going for.
jackietiner, at 08:17AM on Tuesday November 20, 2007
I like your style.