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Nothing special, playing with old photos. Font is "Quill". It is really fun to recall these old memories. I remember it took me forever to do those cookies.


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audosborne, at 01:48PM on Tuesday August 12, 2008
This gorgeous Marilyn! It looks so professional. Do you know where you got the font? I really like it. You must be a great mother. I would never have had the patience to decorate all those cookies:)
BeachScraper, at 03:57PM on Tuesday August 12, 2008
Ruth..I think I got that font from my sister in law, try typing "Search Free Fonts" in search or "Quill fonts" in search. Some fun things in there.
audosborne, at 05:00PM on Saturday August 16, 2008
Thanks Marilyn. I found the font.