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Squirrel Feeders?.

jesse77 outdoors cabin squirrel birds pinecone


2 page LO----More of our trip up to the cabin, we made bird feeders, but they ended up actually being squirrel feeders instead! LOL! TFL!!!


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audosborne, at 04:40PM on Saturday August 16, 2008
Gorgeous LO!! It looks like you had a great time visiting your family. I wish I had an aunt that had a cabin like that. What kit did you use for this? The green is so good with outdoor pics.
BeachScraper, at 05:52AM on Sunday August 17, 2008
That is too funny....:-) Also I would love you know what kit you used...I love the tress!!! Waiting for the first day of school LO's. Paige is such a cutie, she looks like she would be fun kid and a great friend. I think she is very lucky to have you as a Mom.
Jesse77, at 12:22PM on Monday August 18, 2008
A great big THANK YOU to both of you!!!!!! Marilyn- we have a great relationship, I just wish she would stop growing up so fast...I keep telling her slow down, but it's not working. HA! I am so thankful for her! She is a wonderful child :) I will look up the kit(s) I used... I know the background paper is from raspberry road (a freebie) When I get a chance I will look it up and give the exact names. thanks again for all of your positive comments, I truly appreciate them,as well as the both of you. you made my day a little brighter, THANK YOU!!!