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This was a difficult layout for me. I wanted to do something fun, because the subject was fun. I did so many designs with asymmetrical layouts & boxes, symmetrical designs, lots of pix, a few pix. . . I finally ended up here. With a grass background, the flower embellishment from MM absolutely you calendar 2008 (Feb), & heart picture boxes repeated to display the playground images. Butterflies were created in Photoshop CS3.


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BeachScraper, at 06:00AM on Sunday August 24, 2008
Very nice, like your title. Nicely done.
KerryJhill, at 07:15PM on Tuesday September 09, 2008
What a clever way to use photo shapes. You are right...what fun photos.
Licha, at 05:55PM on Sunday November 16, 2008
SPER CLEVER! Very modern! LOVE IT!