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I would have to pick the weekend that a record attendance was set at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. We saw some hungry sharks (at least that's what I told my kids to keep them in line), a rainforest, dolfins & a lot of other really COOL things the kids liked.


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audosborne, at 02:33PM on Monday August 25, 2008
I looked at all of your LOs and they are excellent as usual.. You are very creative.
RABIDFOX, at 03:02PM on Monday August 25, 2008
Thanks so much for the regular comments. I really appreciate your kind words - especially since you've been at this for so long! FYI - several of your pages are bookmarked as favorites on my acct. :)
Jesse77, at 11:58AM on Thursday August 28, 2008
Hi Rabidfox- I really like your LO, I was wondering what kit you used? Is it from Memory Mixer?
RABIDFOX, at 06:03PM on Thursday August 28, 2008
Thanks for the compliment on the LO. Yes, the kit is from MM. It mainly has elements from "Words of Love" by Emma Schonenberg. I like to move all of the photo boxes around & copy & paste embellishments from all of the pages within the kit. You unfortunately won't find this exact page. ~Rachel
Jesse77, at 01:57PM on Friday August 29, 2008
Thanks Rachel!!!!!
gsanmar, at 08:40AM on Tuesday September 02, 2008
Hi Rachel, these colors are just so beautiful and rich! Which camera do you use? Excellent photos and layouts-- thanks 4 sharing :).
RABIDFOX, at 02:35PM on Thursday September 04, 2008
I will admit, I do use a nice camera with a nice lens - Canon Rebel EOS. It took me a LONG to go digital (I think saving up the $ for the camera was what I was most against.) If you saw my pictures right off of the memory card, you really wouldn't be too impressed. I enhance/adjust probably every picture I take. Usually I right click on the pictures & open them with MS office picture manager. They have some great auto adjustments that really make the colors pop. Sometimes I also mess around with the color & other features offered by the program. It's really easy & helps to improve my pages. Thanks for the compliments. :)