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jesse77 red gold girl butterfly free


I have used this title before but I thought it really fit this picture well. The title is from song bird ave. Everything else is from Michelle Coleman's you glow and Serendipity kits. I am leaning towards the second lo's background paper, Which do you like? Thanks! ** added another Background!!! HELP!


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JENNA, at 01:26PM on Sunday September 07, 2008
This is such a wonderful picture of Paige... I love the story that it tells! It's just perfect. I like the colors in the 1st & 2nd LO. I think it does alot w/ Paige's colors in her dress. "Great job Jesse"
Jesse77, at 03:53AM on Wednesday September 10, 2008
Thanks for your help Jenna :)
RABIDFOX, at 09:39AM on Saturday September 20, 2008
I really like the paper you used on your 1st page. Did you create the design yourself or is it from one of the kits? I don't remember seeing it before. Nice work!
Jesse77, at 03:12PM on Sunday September 21, 2008
Thank you, I decided I liked the 1st one too- the paper is from Michelle Coleman's Serendipity in the MM store
brendasuedouglas, at 07:07AM on Saturday October 11, 2008
I really like the 3rd one you added because the colors blend into the photo and I like that look.