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Who Needs A Pool?

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We are one of the few houses in Hot Arizona that does not have a pool in our backyard. But thanks to this water slide from Costco...Who Needs A Pool?


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kelliekoo, at 07:26PM on Sunday July 01, 2007
this is such a cute series of layouts! so bright and summery- it REALLY captures the fun you all were having. i have asked this question of a lot of folks, but what fonts did you use? (i have been using memory mixer for 4 months now, but i am somehow missing all these great fonts.)
gammy7, at 07:36AM on Tuesday July 03, 2007
I, too, am missing all of the great fonts that I see in the gallery. Can anyone help us get to the good fonts ??????
brendasuedouglas, at 05:33PM on Saturday July 21, 2007
There are lots of free font websites out there. I just did a google search using the words "free fonts" and downloaded a bunch to my font folder. Then, when I go to add text in Memory Mixer it is automatically a choice.
Lynn Grieveson, at 05:04PM on Saturday August 04, 2007
That looks like such fun! Love these summery pages.