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Montana 2nd year (day-by-day)


I am putting this album together represent her second year. I take a picture everyday and represent it in the album. The pages that face eachother represent 1 week. Obviously I can't put all 104 pages here, but here are some of my favorites.


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Jesse77, at 10:55AM on Thursday September 11, 2008
What a wonderful idea! These are all so good, but I especially love the first LO, (pink one) the photos are just precious, and I like how you made it look like a ribbon board.Great job!
annirana, at 06:43PM on Wednesday December 03, 2008
She is precious,always with a smile on her face! I love the "Baby New Year" picture. She is so photogenic, and you take some beautiful pictures of her. She reminds me of my daughter at that age. (She's 9 now) Don't turn around...that baby will grow up on you!