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calendar challenge fall spring


I got a little carried away with this calendar making thing. Not because of the challenge but because it's fun. Anyway, I decided to make a whole calendar. Here are the pages I have completed so far. The first page was made with a kit called Caramel Apple by babyaks. The second page I used Pinapple Plantation's Scarcrow Joe Kit. The whimsical swirly designs in Julia Makontinsky's Kaleidoscope kit reminded me of a breezy March day (thefont is Edda). I don't remember what I used on the next pages..I have so much stuff on my computer, I can't seem to find it.


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BeachScraper, at 01:48PM on Thursday September 18, 2008
Ruth You have done an excellent job on this challenge, every page is beautiful. You must of got your Memory Mixer working again...THATS GOOD. I do have a question..where are these challenges from? Again... Great Work!!!
audosborne, at 02:00PM on Thursday September 18, 2008
Thanks Marilyn. Yeah MM is working but not up to par..I need to tweak it a little. The challenges are from the Memory Mixer Newsletter.
Jesse77, at 03:14PM on Thursday September 18, 2008
Oh Ruth, these look fantastic! you have certainly inspired me to try working on a calendar. I thought I might try and make one for my husband for Christmas, to have in his office. Again great job, these really look great!
RABIDFOX, at 03:29PM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
Your May cafe page is my fav!