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Calendar challenge February Montana csmith


This challenge was way to much fun. I can't wait to finish the calendar. I am going to cutomize it for their recipients. I have to get everyones photos to put on their appropriate dates. The final product will make it worth while. Great challenge - MM.


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audosborne, at 11:27AM on Sunday September 21, 2008
This is great!!! I think this challenge has been a lot of fun also. My calendars are kind of wimpy but I'm learning by looking at other pages like yours. I love how you marked the holidays. Terrific job!!
Jesse77, at 03:02PM on Sunday September 21, 2008
I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!! This is going to make fantastic gifts! Well done :)
Jesse77, at 03:44AM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
congrats on winning the challenge!
audosborne, at 06:40AM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
Congratulations on winning the challenge. The judges were right on!! I would love to see some more of these pages. Could you tell me how you constructed you grid?
Montana, at 08:53AM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
Thank you all for your comments. I really like these challenges. I made the grid using pieces of ribbon (from the standard MM elelments). I just wanted something a little more craftier than the same old black line grid. Thanks again for all the encouragement. Chriss
RABIDFOX, at 02:30PM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
Everything about your design is wonderful (I love the colors). Congrats on winning the challenge!