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calendar challenge kitty pink yellow green


We have to have at least one kitty page in this challenge..don't you think! Designs are from Pinapple Plantation/ Cherry Limeade. The second page element were from Love Actually by Ellie Lash.


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Jesse77, at 08:23AM on Tuesday September 23, 2008
so sweet! Paige just got a new kitty a few months ago, I need to do a LO with the two of them. Good luck on the challenge Ruth!
audosborne, at 11:03AM on Tuesday September 23, 2008
Thanks Jesse. I won't win this challenge but I have learned a lot and it has been fun.
RABIDFOX, at 11:11AM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
My daughter & told me that I have to make her a calendar with her new kitty in it too. I have not been left alone since she saw your adoreable LO's. Nice job.