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I'm working on a book as a gift for my husband for our 25th anniversary & have scanned in over 1000 photo's...25 years of family life. Fall has always been our favorite time of year to get out in the woods with our kids. I found so many fun photo's of our family, I couldn't decide which to use so I used many! The photo's were enough without much embellishment but I used the Fall freebie from this week & the leaves from a couple weeks ago.


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RABIDFOX, at 01:35PM on Saturday September 27, 2008
I agree, you really don't need to junk up your page with a lot of unnecessary embellishments. What area of the country was the main woodsy shot taken? It really seems beautiful there. Nice composition.
Jesse77, at 05:51AM on Sunday September 28, 2008
I really like how you were able to use so many photos!( I always take a ton of photos) I always have a hard time with multiple photo pages, and the placement. you did an excellent job!
Grozdanich, at 09:03AM on Wednesday October 01, 2008
We live in Northern Minnesota so many of these were taken out our back door at the lake home where I grew up. We are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. I too take a ton of photo's so rather than insert a paper background it works so well, and gets in another photo, to use one as the background. I scrapbooked a recent trip to Hawaii & the scenery was so beautiful that every page has a different photo in the background. One problem I'm finding is that I use so many photo's on each page that it's really bogging down my computer so will need to upgrade that soon. Thanks for the nice comments! Ann