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jesse77 cat kitten


This summer Paige was able to get a kitten. She is in LOVE with little Zoey and so are we! She carries her around with her every where! Zoey has the sweetest personality, and made herself right at home about five minutes after we brought her home!! She is the perfect addition to our family. TFL!!!


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audosborne, at 11:38AM on Wednesday October 01, 2008
Cute page ..and Paige is cute too:) Zoey is adorable. How does she get along with the dog?
RABIDFOX, at 03:07PM on Friday October 03, 2008
I must admit, you inspired me to create my kitty pages. Thanks for all of your great LO's.
Jesse77, at 02:00PM on Saturday October 04, 2008
Thank you both! Jewels and Zoey get along for the most part, but they have their moments! LOL! But the other day I caught them snuggling together...they like each other more then they want to admit! LOL!