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I created the background text in PS3, brought it into MM & added my photos. Since I'm addicted to MM, I decided to make my own birthday card for my husband this year (his age is cleverly added in red on the lower ruler). Tape measures are from digital freebies. I just had to change my green bkg - even though it's my husband's fav color, it sure bugged the heck out of me.


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audosborne, at 04:15PM on Saturday October 11, 2008
OH gOSH!! I love this!!! especially the collage at the bottem. Very creative!!!!!!
RABIDFOX, at 06:09PM on Sunday October 12, 2008
I must admit, the collage on the bottom looks a little squished & tough to see here, but that by itself (on a landscape page LO) was the front of the card. I went back and added the 3 images at the top to finish off the page for my album. Thanks for your nice comment. :)
Lorimo, at 04:46PM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
Your LO's are just WOW, have you been doing this for a long time? I love how everyone puts things together, I really need to work on my photo finishing LO detail more.
RABIDFOX, at 02:38AM on Thursday October 16, 2008
I must admit, I have been working with Photoshop for several years (I teach it); but MM only since the summer of 2008.