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I love this picture that I just took of my son & husband at our daughter's soccer game & wanted to do something to showcase it; therefore the image itself is my fall favorite. This page went through a LOT of stages, but I think I am finally happy with it. I must admit that the image did look good in color, but I was inspired by the last challenge & decided to use a limited palette. I brought the original image into PS3, used my oval to select around the photo, added a feather & then deleted the background before bringing it into MM & adding the embellishments.


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BeachScraper, at 05:21AM on Sunday October 12, 2008
audosborne, at 04:58PM on Sunday October 12, 2008
This is beautiful!! You really did make the picture pop!!
Jesse77, at 05:00AM on Monday October 13, 2008
shalae, at 05:00PM on Tuesday October 14, 2008
I love the lay out! I am wondering where you got the ripped pages
RABIDFOX, at 10:41AM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
Thanks for the nice comments. The ripped paper is from "Holly Jolly Christmas" - Digital Freebies.
Lorimo, at 04:37PM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
Picture Perfect and where I live they'd call it a Kodak Moment, very beautiful.
JMurdoch, at 08:36AM on Sunday October 19, 2008
You're a pro!! Great work!!
RABIDFOX, at 04:28AM on Saturday October 25, 2008
Thanks again. I really do appreciate the comments.
jercur08, at 06:07AM on Wednesday January 28, 2009
hi my name is jerica. i am new to photoshop and i was wondering how you delete the background so it just shows the round area and not the square box. please let me know... thanks