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Fall Favorites challenge Kim Marilyn Fall


This was a challenge alone, from the beginning, first to get together photos, then try to decide what to use and how. Since I really coundn't decide, I came up with this idea, I have used the words in a "paper page" several years ago and always liked the page. It was lots of fun putting together, I like the way it triggers memories of the past.


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audosborne, at 04:55PM on Sunday October 12, 2008
Marilyn I love this LO!!! Such a cool idea and you did a wonderful job with the different fonts. This must have taken quite a bit of time to compose. It really does stir up memories. Terrific job!!!!
RABIDFOX, at 05:08PM on Sunday October 12, 2008
I am a big fan of typography. I like how you incorporated it into this design.
Jesse77, at 05:00AM on Monday October 13, 2008
this looks great :) I love all of the different fonts too :)
Lorimo, at 04:31PM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
You did such a great job on this, I'm not one much that journals, and really need to add more text to pages for memories and reminders.