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"It's not fair that you have so many pages with your kids. Make some with our kids too." ~ my loving sisters.


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connierun, at 04:44AM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
I Love all of the colors in you LO's. They make you think of a party. Very nice job. CS
Jesse77, at 02:00PM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
more great pages! Maybe you should get MM for your sisters for Christmas!
audosborne, at 02:34PM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
Look at all the beautiful blue eyed babies. They are precious. Love the color and creativity in these pages.
Lorimo, at 04:04PM on Wednesday October 15, 2008
You captured the greatest expressions and your LO's make them shine.
RABIDFOX, at 01:24AM on Thursday October 16, 2008
Thanks for the nice comments. I wish my sisters would learn MM with me, but that would first require them to take pictures. I think my mom still has film in her 110 camera from 20 years ago - when I was still in highschool! (this is NOT an exaggeration)