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This is my first attempt at digital. I keep looking at the newsletter and gallery, longingly thinking I should try it. But, it took the scraplift challenge and this beautiful layout to finally prompt me to do it! So, thanks to annirana and her "gramps and gambi" layout. This was so much fun!!


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annirana, at 03:37PM on Friday October 17, 2008
Welcome to our world! My name is Andrea. Thank you for the compliment. You did a great job. (watch out! it's addicting!)
audosborne, at 05:58AM on Saturday October 18, 2008
Well you first attempt was a KNOCKOUT..just beautiful!!! What a lovely bride and hadsome groom!!! Thanks for sharing this.. I really enjoyed seeing it!! Please don't be shy..come join us more often.
lposey01, at 11:11AM on Saturday October 18, 2008
Thank you! And, yes, I'm already addicted!!