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I was in the mood for something goofy..I think these two pages fit the bill. The first page was inspired by a kit called Electric Boy by Miss ViVi.


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annirana, at 01:43PM on Saturday October 18, 2008
Those are so cute. Don't you love it when a page just flows? I don't mean to answer for Rabidfox, but the way I save someone's lo is to click on it to open it>right click>"save target as" or "save picture as" then save it to a folder in "my pictures" then you can upload it to the website right next to your scraplifted lo.
BeachScraper, at 02:00PM on Sunday October 19, 2008
These are really cool !!!! They are so much fun. Great work.
audosborne, at 02:58PM on Sunday October 19, 2008
Thank you. They were fun and easy.