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this is a layout i did after a sweet evening with some new friends. i found that i could make my own "ribbons" with customized text in them by using the shape-maker in a long skinny rectangle, with a 1pt mat around it. then i repeated some text over and over. the new memory mixer is so much fun! i used lynn greivson's "dreamy world" backgrounds and key embelishments. i really like her digital packages.


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annirana, at 03:18PM on Sunday July 01, 2007
Kelliekoo-again, more flawless pages! After reading your journaling, I am an even bigger fan. You are truly blessed!
annirana, at 03:21PM on Sunday July 01, 2007
That's my page just to the right of yours, and then the row beneath it. What do you think?
scrapmommy, at 04:36AM on Friday July 20, 2007
Great page! I think simple pages are the most pwerful, especially when there is such a wonderful picture. Well done!