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This rock beach in Door County is quite unique. There are not many rock beaches in the world.


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annirana, at 03:59PM on Tuesday October 21, 2008
Love the fotos! Very nice! MM should add your pebble paper to their inventory!
BeachScraper, at 02:55AM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
Very nie LO. I love Door County, it is absolutely beautiful, especially in fall. Those rocks would be perfect for"skipping rocks". Good Luck on the challenge. Are you from there?
kmbizal, at 02:58AM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
I'm originally from southern Wisconsin, now living in Minnesota. First time to Door County. Thanks for the comments.
BeachScraper, at 03:04AM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
I was born and rised in Milwaukee, now living in Myrtle Beach, SC. I haven't seen work from you before, that I recall. Welcome to a great group of digital scrapers.
audosborne, at 03:54PM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
I don't know how I missed this one... it is really good!!! The background of rocks is great!
Jesse77, at 05:44AM on Sunday October 26, 2008
I am in Minnesota too! We are North of the cities (Big Lake). Door county looks like a place we will need to add to our places to see list. GREAT LAYOUT! Welcome to the Gallery!