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little girl blue


these pix were taken by my friend. it really caputered her" avi"-ness.


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annirana, at 08:37AM on Monday July 02, 2007
How do you get your journaling to wrap around the image?
kelliekoo, at 04:47PM on Monday July 02, 2007
you can move the text to all different angles. i just wrote till the text reached the edge, then started a new text box and turned it 90 degrees, then 180, then -90. and continued. if i saw that the text went to far, i just erased what went to far and started that text in the new box. i hope that's not too confusing.
annirana, at 03:49AM on Tuesday July 03, 2007
Not at all, thank you!
stefjo81, at 10:42AM on Monday August 06, 2007
VERY cute!
scottygal, at 07:21PM on Thursday November 06, 2008
Your LO drew me in. 'Really shows off her personality! Great journaling tips! Thank you.