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Hide & seek is a fun game unless you're at a busy public park! The wanted poster was a free design from glassgiant.com/wanted/. The brackets & call me trouble is from MM Mindy Terasawa - Little trouble maker. Who/Why?? is from digital freebies - Inquisitive elements. The picture alone was not that strong, but using it in this challenge brought some fun to it and also captured my son's personality perfectly!


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annirana, at 05:44PM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
I love the way he is hiding behind his own wanted poster, like "just try and catch me!" What a handsome boy!!!
audosborne, at 07:53AM on Thursday October 23, 2008
This is so cute!! He looks a little apprehensive and defiant. My, he has beautiful blue eyes!! what a cutie!!
Jesse77, at 03:21AM on Sunday October 26, 2008
This is SOOOOO creative!!! love that he is standing next to the wanted poster, so good!