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ATTENTION ALL MOMS: You do not want to see this "B" rated movie! I'm telling you, it's the scariest movie yet!!


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lposey01, at 01:09PM on Saturday October 25, 2008
This is hilarious and very clever! Where did you find the title (or font?) - Lori
audosborne, at 05:01PM on Saturday October 25, 2008
I'm glad to find someone who's sense of humor is a warped as mine it:) This is really hysterical!!
Jesse77, at 03:11AM on Sunday October 26, 2008
RABIDFOX, at 02:37AM on Monday October 27, 2008
I downloaded the fonts from DAFONT.COM. I used Misfits & Double feature to create the title (they have some great Halloween fonts/clip art).I can't help but to laugh every time I see them in these glasses! We were getting ready for an early Halloween party (that's why they are in costume) & I was wearing their glasses while chasing them around the house to get their shoes on. They soon over took me, snatched the glasses, put them on & started to make their silly faces, I had to get pictures of this event; but I did miss a few I was laughing so hard. I'm glad to see that my strange kids could make a few of you chuckle as well.